Ronn David McPhatter

ron mcphatterWhen your mother is Ruth Brown, queen of Rhythm and Blues, your father is Clyde McPhatter, founder and lead singer of the world famous Drifters and your uncle is the one and only Little Richard, all members of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, your legacy is clear and undeniable.

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When your family has a string of chart-topping hits that include "Mama, He Treats Your Daughter Mean," "Oh, What a Dream," "Money Honey," "A Loverʼs Question," "Lucille," and "Tutti Frutti," music is in your blood.

When the United States government sponsors a bill to make your mother a national treasure and honors your father with his own postage stamp, and your uncle is known the world over as the innovator and originator of Rock and Roll, you learn to respect your heritage.

The legacy of Ruth Brown and Clyde McPhatter is carried on in their son, Ronn David McPhatter who has been touring the country as an opening act for his mother, Ruth and B.B. King. He has performed with such notable artists as Jeffery Osborne, Howard Hewett, the Stylistics, and his uncle Little Richard as well as singing in his fatherʼs place as the lead singer of Clyde McPhatterʼs Drifters.

He is also an accomplished songwriter that incorporates his original material into his familyʼs world renowned repertoire.

As an actor, his credits include "Why Do Fools Fall In Love" opposite Oscar winner, Halle Berry, "Shake, Rattle and Rock" with Renee Zellweiger, "Permanent Record" with "Matrix" star, Keanu Reeves, and "The Five Heartbeats" with Robert Townsend and "The Temptations" and "Little Richard Storyʼs," Leon.

In one dynamic, soulful show, Ronn David brings you the sass and class of Ruth Brown and the sultry voice of Clyde McPhatter, and the energy and showmanship of Little Richard.

This show is a must see.