Clyde McPhatter's Drifters Revue

CMDrifters photo revThere is only one true founder of The Drifters, two time Rock & Roll Hall of Fame inductee Clyde McPhatter. 

Quoting Billboard Magazine, "It was (Atlantic Records' founder) Ahmet Ertegun who gave McPhatter the impetus, as part of his contract, to start a group of his own, which came to be called the Drifters."

And start a group, Clyde did. Starting a legacy that generations of music lovers admire to this day. 

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The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame says, "The Drifters served to link Fifties rhythm & blues with Sixties soul music. They epitomized the vocal group sound of New York City. Theirs was the sweet but streetwise sound of R&B suffused with gospel influences."

The legend of The Drifters continues today with the founder's son, Ronn David McPhatter leading Clyde McPhatter's Drifters Revue.